There are better nuts to milk

By Kate Welsh
Updated May 17, 2018
Credit: Photo by Kate Welsh

I cracked open the cartons of Milkadamia macadamia nut milk with high hopes.

I have a healthy appreciation for non-dairy milks—soy milk, oat milk, and almond milk (even though others on our team have... different opinions)—and I use them frequently in lattes, smoothies, and cereal bowls. So when I heard about this macadamia nut milk, I was optimistic. For one thing, macadamia nuts on their own are delicious—buttery, rich, and almost creamy. And the packaging of Milkadamia's nut milk is beautiful. You shouldn't judge a nut milk by its cover, but it was too late. I was excited to try this stuff.

I had a carton of both the "Unsweetened" and "Unsweetened Vanilla" flavors. I tried Unsweetened first. Like almond milk, it was a bit grayish in hue and a bit thin in texture. Despite being the non-vanilla version (and having no vanilla flavoring at all), I got a strong whiff of the extract on the nose, but didn't taste it. Unfortunately, it didn't taste much like macadamia nuts either. Instead, it was a bit dusty, and while slightly sweet, it didn't reallly offer much flavor. I wasn't offended by it, and I could see it incorporating well into your morning smoothie or overnight oats, but I wouldn't choose it over other nut milks available.

Unfortunately, the "Unsweetened Vanilla" flavor was worse: chalky and oddly sweet, and it coated the mouth in a weird film. Leave this one on the shelf.

Still, Milkadamia as a company has a lot going for it. Unlike many milk alternatives, Milkadamia's offerings aren't filled with thickeners or sweeteners. The nuts are grown on a regnerative, low-impact farm that's operated to benefit the earth first and foremost—a practice that isn't always adhered to by other nut milk companies.

These are all good reasons to give Milkadamia a shot. Just maybe only use it as a mixer.