You’ve been waiting all year, and now the McCafe Shamrock Shake is finally here. The green peppermint milkshake makes an annual appearance at McDonald’s around St. Patrick’s Day and has a cult-like following that dates back decades before Starbucks’ PSL stormed the beverage scene. This year, McDonald’s is rolling out four new chocolaty flavors, but we’re still obsessing over the original, because it’s just that good. But you could make your own copycat Shamrock Shake recipe at home that tastes pretty close to the real deal and might help you save cash, an ice cream coma, and yet another trek through the Mickey D’s parking lot. The base of our copycat recipe is yogurt rather than ice cream, so the end product is a little more like a lassi than a milkshake. Lassi is an Indian yogurt-based drink that’s cool and refreshing without being too heavy, which means you can sip through the whole thing without feeling like you need a nap afterward. Also, because we are who we are, we’ve breakfast-ified the heck out of this slightly lighter Shamrock Shake by adding Lucky Charms cereal milk into the mix. The minty milkshake is traditionally topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry, but in our version, the glass is rimmed with marshmallow fluff and adorned with clover marshmallows from your Lucky Charms box. Food coloring is optional, but delightful. If you prefer to have your shake with booze, swap peppermint extract for two tablespoons of creme de menthe. Blend a batch of minty shakes for St. Patty’s, or enjoy all year round.A Breakfast-Friendly McDonald’s Copycat Shamrock Shake

Recipe by Extra Crispy


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Recipe Summary

5 mins
30 mins
35 mins
1 serving


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Instructions Checklist
  • Fill a large bowl with cereal, pour the milk in, and stir vigorously. Steep at room temperature for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

  • Finally, you’re allowed to eat the cereal (and remind yourself how magical soggy Lucky Charms is). Reserve ½ cup cereal milk. You could also strain the mixture through a fine mesh sieve, pressing on the cereal to release any extra milk that might have gotten absorbed. Either works.

  • Dip the rim of your serving glass in marshmallow fluff, coating completely. It won’t look perfect at first and that’s OK. Use your fingers to distribute the fluff evenly and let sit for a few minutes while you prepare the shake. With more time, the marshmallow fluff will melt slightly and drip smoothly along the sides of the glass.

  • Place reserved cereal milk, vanilla-flavored yogurt, peppermint extract, honey, and green food coloring in a single-serve blender cup. Whirl until the mixture is smooth. Add a handful of ice and blend some more, if you prefer a cold shake.

  • Pour the copycat Shamrock Shake into your marshmallow-rimmed glass. 

  • Dig through the Lucky Charms box and dish out a handful of clover marshmallows. Stick them onto the marshmallow fluff for a pretty touch and added sweetness to taste.

  • Serve, and toast to the luck of the Irish.