The only problem with Lord Jones gummies is that you'll want to eat them all in one sitting
Credit: Lord Jones

It's 2019 and CBD is still going strong. Along with all pink everything, avocado toast, and vaping, CBD has become something of a shorthand for millennial wellness culture. While there are many questions about the efficacy of CBD, a non-psychoactive product of marijuana, there's no doubt that it seems to be doing good things for some people, placebo effect or otherwise, and I found out late last year that I am one of those people. Though it seems like you can get CBD-infused everything these days, including tea and seltzer, one of the most popular formats is gummies.

CBD edibles were originally something I did not want to mess with because of lingering memories of that time my cousin made weed brownies. But I had a really good experience with tinctures and teas, which managed to take my anxiety from overwhelming to background noise, a real achievement on days when it gets bad. I wanted to try something that also didn't remind me of like, walking into a head shop in the East Village that mostly sells bongs and Ramones t-shirts, a vibe that is perfectly fine if that's for you but gives me bad college-dorm flashbacks.

Enter Lord Jones, the chic-est purveyor of CBD products around. They're reputable and easy to find, and probably the most approachable CBD brand out there. The Lord Jones packaging looks more like a high-end skincare product than a head shop, and that's very much on purpose. Lord Jones aims to free CBD from the trappings of tie-dye and glass pipes, and bring the product to people who would normally be weed-averse, like me. They sell their CBD-infused body lotion at Sephora.

Nine gummies come nestled in a small box with a gold crest on top, looking like something between jewelry and an upscale box of chocolates. The box retails for $45, which is on the higher end for CBD products. These are the Maldon salt of CBD gummies. They are fancy, but not guard-it-with-your-life fancy. Each drop contains 20 mg of CBD, which is a good amount for a gummy. The "all-natural old-fashioned" box has both lemon and wild strawberry-flavored gummies, though Lord Jones also does other limited edition flavors. For the holidays, they made sugarplum and mango chili gumdrops, and another limited edition flavor will be available around Valentine's Day, according to a representative for the company. They also have a berry-flavored box that's a collaboration with Sigur Ros. That's the level we're talking about: collaboration with Icelandic ambient musicians.

The gummies are, indeed, delicious, and the CBD worked really well for me. I also would not be embarassed to pull these out of my bag and eat one. Lord Jones recommends starting with one gummy at a time and staying hydrated, which feels like good everyday advice as well as gummy-consumption advice. But at $5 a pop you probably want to eat them pretty sparingly. What I would advise is if you like gummies in general, to get a bag of non-CBD gummies to eat alongside the drop because like, who ever wants just a single gummy bear? If you want to ease your way into CBD, don't mind spending a little bit, and like gumdrops anyway, Lord Jones is the way to go.