Brits: they're just like us
EC: London Gets the Cronut and Is Completely Obsessed
Credit: Photo by Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Congratulations are in order for our friends across the pond as the Cronut has hit London. Almost four years after the launch of the pastry hybrid in America, it seems silly to ask how long will people wait for a Cronut, but eager Brits itching to get their hands on the trademarked breakfast pastry lined up at 5 a.m. this morning to taste the first official offering from Cronut-master Dominique Ansel. The Cronut, as you’re surely aware, is a magical combination of a croissant and a doughnut, stuffed with cream and jam depending on the flavor of the month, and coveted by many. Now, the pastry-crazed Brits finally have the real deal and surely, they’re pleased as punch.

Bringing the Cronut to London was a challenge for Ansel. As he told the Wall Street Journal, the difference in ingredients, combined with London’s humidity and temperature, make baking trickier than in the U.S. Any dedicated viewer of The Great British Baking Off can attest to the importance of environment, especially when it comes to making laminated doughs and breads. “It’s very important, the texture, the structure, the volume of the dough itself,” Ansel told the Journal. His first attempts using French flour and British milk resulted in something closer to bread than pastry, but after 25 tries, a version of the Cronut that pleases Ansel is here and ready for consumption.

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Credit: Photo by Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

The first British Cronut is a salted butterscotch and cocoa nib—rather sweet for breakfast and very, very British. The showing for the British Cronut is a little less insane than when the pastry first made its American debut. As per the various Cronut images on Instagram, the line looks, well, tame. No one seems to have paid a person they found on Craigslist to stand in the line for them. No one looks like they’d murder in order to get their hands on a pastry so rich that it will most likely put them to sleep 15 minutes after consumption. Enjoy your Cronuts, London, and the relative peace of its launch while it lasts.