They're actually vegan?
EC: This Company Is Making Breast Milk-Flavored Lollipops
Credit: Photo via Flickr user The FooD junk

Lollyphile has never been the kind of candy company that sticks to conventional flavors. A quick tour of their homepage shows off bozzy varieties like mimosa and irish coffee lollipops, as well as oddball offerings like blue cheese and pizza. But it sounds like their latest confection is sourced from a controversial childhood favorite.

Yup. Breast milk. Whereas most of us react to our friends having children by buying them some kind of gift and then going back to Netflix, not so for the devious minds at Lollyphile. They figured “it was our responsibility to find out just what this flavor was that could turn a screaming, furious infant into a placid, contented one,” and then turn it into a lollipop that hopefully tastes less gross than it sounds.

Though they mercifully spare us most of the development details, it does sound like there may have been some sort of breast milk taste testing going on. The product page notes Lollyphile is “endlessly grateful to all the mothers who kept sharing their breast milk with our flavor specialists until we were able to candify it.” I’m not sure how lollipop flavors are made, and that’s a question that’s probably better addressed at another point in time.

Don’t worry though. The lollipops don’t *contain* any real breast milk. In fact, Lollyphile describes them as vegan. So that’s a relief. For the bold and curious, you can pick up four for $8, or get yourself a breast milk-flavored bargain with 36 for $54. We live in truly interesting times.