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Your lobster roll is going to be even pricier this summer

Margaret Eby
April 23, 2018

The unseasonably cold March and April weather in the Northeast isn't just a bummer for those of us who can't wait to leave the house without a jacket. It's a big problem for lobster fisheries. Thanks to the string of Nor'easters that blew through in March, increasing international demand for lobster meat, and iced-over Canadian fisheries, hard-shell lobster prices have reached $15 per pound, up from $8 per pound last year, The Boston Globe reports. Pre-shucked lobster meat is even more expensive, running around $40 per pound, up $8 a pound from last year. 

There's more to the lobster shortage problem, too. Federal regulations limit the number of boats that can go into Maine's lobster fisheries at a time, and the bad weather has stopped boats that would have gone out earlier in the season. The warmer weather should help with the shortage, but lobster prices are likely to stay high for a while. The Globe surveyed many eateries in town and found that the market price that they charge to customers for lobster has soared. At Chef Chris Coombs' Boston Eatery, lobster is off the menu entirely. At his French place Deuxane, a lobster roll with eight ouches of meat will run you $49, up $27 from the typical price. 

If you have a craving for lobster, you're probably better off waiting until later in the season. But if you can't, be prepared to shell out some major cash. 

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