Chef Michael Franey of Midtown Manhattan’s David Burke fabrick borrowed inspiration from a traditional lobster roll and dim sum to create his insanely Instagrammable Lobster BLT Steamed Buns with Old Bay-spiced mayo. Perfect for a leisurely brunch party, this steamed bun recipe is easy like a Sunday morning. The trick to perfecting this luscious and indulgent BLT recipe: Do not overcook the lobster. Lobster meat can get really springy and chewy if it’s only slightly overcooked or over-boiled. Avoid heartbreak by using a timer to cook the tails for four to six minutes and the claws for seven to nine minutes. If that seems a little bit too daunting that early in the day, freshly cooked and chopped lobster meat from your local grocery store or seafood market will work too. Either way, you’re in for the best BLT steamed bun under the sun. Lobster BLT Steamed BunsIngredients

Recipe by Extra Crispy


Credit: Photos by Teresa Sabga

Recipe Summary test

40 mins
10 mins
50 mins
8 to 10 servings


For the lobster BLT buns
For the Old Bay Mayo


Instructions Checklist
  • Fully cook and pick the lobster. Fill a 3-gallon stock pot with water and add salt. Bring to a rolling boil and place each lobster tail and claw into the pot one by one, starting the timer immediately. Remember: Cook 4 to 6 minutes for the tails and 7 to 9 minutes for the claws. It’s commonly said that cooked lobster turns bright red, but that’s not the best indication of doneness. To ensure the lobster is cooked, crack the tail and make sure the meat has changed from a translucent grey to white.

  • Shock the lobster by plunging directly into an ice bath and removing them from the water as soon as they are cool.

  • Break the shell using a nutcracker, pliers, or even a hammer if push comes to shove and pull all the meat out with a fork.

  • Make the Old Bay Mayo. In a large bowl, mix together all ingredients for the Old Bay Mayo. Add fresh cooked and chopped lobster meat, stir thoroughly, and reserve.

  • In a steamer basket, steam the buns until light and fluffy. 

  • Carefully open the buns, evenly distribute the cut romaine in the bottom of the buns, then top with the lobster salad, 1 slice of tomato, jalapeño, and maple-glazed bacon.