There is Life after pumpkin spice

EC: Life to Introduce Gingerbread Spice Cereal
Credit: Photo by Flickr user Angela N

With so many different ways to consume pumpkin spice this fall, this seasonal food trend seems inescapable. But as surely as the leaves must fall from the trees, so too will autumn’s most maligned flavor eventually yield to other flavors. Thankfully, an upcoming Gingerbread Spice variety of Life cereal is here to show us that yes, there is life after pumpkin spice.

Instagram account Candyhunting first spotted a box of the festive foodstuff, which features some happy gingerbread men making powdered snow angels next to a bowl of the iconic square cereal. If you want a socially acceptable way to eat some gingerbread cookies in the morning without going through the trouble of baking them, this sounds like your best bet. There’s been some speculation that hints of cinnamon might make its way into the cereal as well, but we’ll have to wait on official word from Quaker to confirm.

There’s no definite release date for the cereal yet. And with the holiday season starting earlier and earlier each year, it’s hard to speculate when it might hit shelves. Given that Life is guilty for pushing pumpkin spice cereal on us this season, smart money would bet on seeing gingerbread spice sometime in mid to late November. Expect to find out more in due time.