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It can prepare an egg two different ways

Tim Nelson
May 07, 2018

We’d all love to wake up to a home-cooked breakfast of bacon and eggs. But on some mornings when the struggle is too real, outsourcing the labor and skipping straight to the eating part would sure come in handy.

Luckily, such a dream is possible, assuming you have a lot of LEGO bricks and spare time. YouTuber The Brick Wall utilized a lot of LEGO engineering know-how to construct “The Breakfast Machine”, a way to automatically prepare bacon and eggs. The project consists of an motorized LEGO parts intricately arranged into a sort of assembly line egg drop system and a car with a spatula.

As the video demonstrates, this setup can successfully crack an egg into a frying pan, season with salt and pepper, and ultimately plate it. More impressively, the Breakfast Machine can prepare eggs two ways, as the video demonstrates both sunny side up and scrambled variations.

The video description admits this was “probably [my] most challenging project so far”. Getting the egg to consistently crack properly proved difficult, as it took almost a week to figure out what mechanism would work best.  Eventually, small metal blades were used to hold the shell in place and keep it out of the pan.

Despite the difficulties, it sounds like making the Breakfast Machine was a real labor of love. “My dad cooks egg breakfast every weekend,” The Brick Wall writes in a comment, “I decided to help him out. And he loves it.”

Though the breakfast machine isn’t about to hit the mass market anytime soon, it shows that engineering skills maybe aren’t so useless in the kitchen after all. Here’s hoping The Brick Wall invents something that can save us from the scourge of ‘avocado hand’ next.

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