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If you’re not too stuffed, that is

Rebecca Firkser
November 19, 2018

No matter how much stuffing is eaten on Thanksgiving, I’ve always found there’s mounds of it left over the following morning. Leftover stuffing is the foundation of a great Thanksgiving sandwich, for sure, but seeing as I’ve eaten at least 53 of those in my lifetime it’s only natural to want to repurpose leftover stuffing in some other way. You too? Yeah, I thought so.

Stuffing Muffins

This one really couldn’t be easier. If your stuffing is a large solidified mass still in the baking dish, use a spatula to break it up into a sort of bread salad. Scoop portions of stuffing into a greased muffin tin. If you’d like, crack an egg on top of each muffin. Bake for 10 minutes (or, if using an egg, until the egg is cooked, which can take up to 20). Slather with cranberry sauce or gravy.

Stuffing Baked Eggs

Essentially a casserole version of the stuffing muffins with eggs, stuffing baked eggs are the perfect day after Thanksgiving breakfast, especially if you have guests over and feel like you should serve something more than cereal.

Stuffing Waffles

Another fun group breakfast is to waffle your stuffing. Plop stuffing onto a greased waffle iron and grill until toasty. You can then cover the waffle with classic Thanksgiving fixins, or even better, you can turn it into…

Video and Photos by Alex Tepper / Styling by Jiselle Basile

Stuffing “Bread”

For a sandwich, of course! Compile your dream breakfast sandwich (I’m partial to fried eggs, Taylor ham, white cheddar cheese and maple syrup!), or pull a Ross Gellar and make a Thanksgiving sandwich with a slice of gravy-soaked stuffing waffle in the middle.

Stuffing Hash

You might just be trying to feed yourself in a hurry, which clearly means you don’t have time to put a lot of thought into your stuffing breakfast. To you, I say make Thanksgiving hash, complete with stuffing, turkey, and any vegetables you have lying around.

Photo by Teresa Sabga

Stuffing Fritters

Turn stuffing into fritters by forming patties from leftover stuffing. Heat a few tablespoons of oil in a cast iron skillet and fry the patties on both sides until brown.  

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