They're among eight regionally-inspired flavors

By Tim Nelson
Updated July 18, 2018
Credit: Lay's/Pepsi

Over the years, Lay’s has perfected the platonic form of the potato chip. Now, the snack brand that’s taken over the country (and arguably even the world) has unveiled some regionally-flavored offerings that signal a further move into the world of offbeat flavors.

Later this July, Lay’s will launching its new “Taste of America” series, a crispy nod to the staples of eight different regional cuisines spanning from the Gulf Coast to the Pacific Northwest. In full, the flavors are: Southeastern Pimento Cheese, Cajun spice from the Gulf Coast, Tex-Mex style Chile con Queso from the Southwest, Thai Sweet Chili out of the Pacific Northwest, Chesapeake Bay crab spice from the Mid-Atlantic (think Old Bay chips), Deep-Dish Pizza from the Chicago area, Fried Pickles with ranch for elsewhere in the Midwest, and the classic New England Lobster Roll.

It’s pretty comprehensive to the point that there’s arguably a little bit of flavor and area overlap, but at least no part of the country has to feel like they or their cuisine was overlooked. In addition to introducing eight new flavors, Lay’s is reviving some other unorthodox chip varieties from the recent past, as finalists from their “Do Us a Flavor” contest will be making their (triumphant?) return to store shelves. Fans of odd-tasting potato-based snacks will find ketchup chips in the Northwest, West Coast Truffle Fries on the West Coast (duh), and Fried Green Tomatoes in the Southeast.

All eight “Taste of America” flavors will be available from across the country. The only catch is that the full slate of regional flavors and “Do Us a Flavor” chips will only be available from July 30th through September 23rd, so if you live in Florida and ever wondered what deep-dish pizza (sort of) tastes like, don’t delay.

In conclusion, America is a land of culinary contrasts. It’s about time we had a bunch of potato chips to roughly approximate them. Here’s to hoping that eating lobster roll-flavored snacks can start a dialogue that ultimately brings us closer together.