It's crunch time

By Monica Burton
Updated February 13, 2018
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EC: Last-Minute Gifts from Walmart for Every Member of Your Family
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Remember how incredulous Paris Hilton was the first time she set foot in Walmart during Season 1 of The Simple Life? Given that she appeared to be under the impression that Walmart sold "wall stuff," she was understandably impressed by the store's aisles and aisles of usable goods. You are (presumably) a normal human being who is not Paris Hilton and are therefore familiar with Walmart. Still, you may be just a little bit amazed at just how many perfect (and perfectly affordable) gifts you’ll find if you decide to swing by the superstore for some very last-minute holiday shopping.

If over the next four days you find yourself at Walmart, you'll come across just about every kind of appliance and cooking gadget at Black Friday prices, alongside novelty items you didn't know you needed. And because this is last-minute shopping, those aisles upon aisles of usable goods I mentioned before may now seem a bit daunting.

Thankfully, I get that you're short on time. So, to help you parse the items that you'd feel good about wrapping up with a bow from the "wall stuff," here's a brief selection of last-minute gifts from Walmart to give to every member of your family.

For Your Dad who Loves Cooking for a Crowd

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If you have a dad who takes to the kitchen every Christmas morning, having a griddle like this one is a great timesaver, not to mention the only way to recreate diner-style pancakes and bacon at home.

Presto Griddle With Warming Tray, $34.92,

For Your Mom Who Keeps It Cozy

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For the woman who loves nothing more than curling up with a pot of tea, a teapot plus infuser with an eye-catching design.

BonJour Teapots Handblown Glass Teapot with Bamboo Handle, $39.97,

For Your Sister on a Health Kick

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A food dehydrator is the kind of gift that might elicit raised eyebrows at first, but once she realizes she can top her oatmeal with homemade dried fruit and even make her own salmon jerky, she'll be thanking you for years to come.

Presto Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator, $39.32,

For Your Brother Who Admires Said Health Kick

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Air fryers cook food with hot, circulating air, not oils or other fat. He'll be able to cook almost anything with it guilt-free.

Farberware Air Fryer, $79.00,

For Your Uncle with a Questionable Sense of Humor

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Gift this if all you have to go on is a known love of bacon. After all, everyone can use toilet paper.

Fairly Odd Novelties Bacon Novelty Toilet Paper,$5.03,

For Your Sister-in-Law

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French presses are a good gift for the caffeine addict. If she already has a coffee set-up at home, she can become the fanciest coffee drinker at the office.

Bonjour Coffee 8-Cup French Press, $32.74,

For Your Teenage Cousin Just Getting into Cooking

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Doughnut makers like this one create nice, crisp outer edges without an oven or deep fryer.

Nostalgia Donut Maker, $16.43,

For Your Roommate Who Gets It

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Because Gudetama is the depressed egg inside us all.

Gudetama Key Chain, $4.49,

For Anyone Left on Your List

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Extra Crispy's staff chef calls fish spatulas like these the best multi-use spatulas on the market. Gift one to anyone and everyone to satisfy all of their breakfast flipping needs.

Stainless steel cooking spatula, $8.70,