Gifts for the food lovers that you can deliver with Prime shipping
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EC: Last-Minute Food Gifts Under $30 You Can Buy on Amazon 
Credit: Photos Courtesy of Amazon, Illustration by Maxine Builder

So you waited until December 19 to start shopping for the holidays (again), and now, you're in a panic to find last-minute holiday gifts that don't totally suck. (I'm looking at you, gift cards.) Fortunately for you, Amazon exists, and if you order right now and take advantage of either Amazon Prime or shell out for two-day shipping, you can get the perfect last-minute gift sent to your doorstep before Christmas with just enough time to slap some wrapping paper on it. The challenge now is figuring out what last-minute gifts on Amazon to give to your loved ones. You want gifts that'll trick them into thinking you put a lot of time and effort into the search, even though you didn't really think about it until right now.

You also probably don't want to spend a lot of money on this gift, especially if you're going to be splurging on that express shipping, which is why all of these food gifts are less than $30. But that doesn't mean these last-minute gifts for food lovers aren't fancy.

OK, enough babble. You're in a race against the clock, after all. It's time to stop procrastinating, and start shopping with these last-minute gift ideas for food lovers that are all available on Amazon. (Bless you, Prime.)

For Your Coworker on the 4th Floor

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1482161114208-fred-and-friends-whale-tea-infuser-inline-amazon
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Fred & Friends via Amazon

This adorable tea infuser is the perfect gift for the coworker who always says hello to you when you're standing at the copier together, even though you don't think you know their last name. It is also great for bosses, teachers, and anyone else who likes both tea and marine life.

Fred & Friends Brew Whale Tea Infuser, $13.99,

For Your Uncle Who Owns a Shotgun

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1482160775114-stanley-flask-inline-amazon
Credit: Photo Courtesy Stanley via Amazon

This stainless steel flask is a great last-minute gift for the outdoors-inclined human who firmly believes in the power of a booze blanket. Consider pairing with a bottle of whiskey—though you, sadly, will have to leave the house to get that portion of the gift since Amazon only sells beer and wine.

Stanley Classic Flask in Hammertone Green, $11.12,

For Your Sister Who's Into Graphic Design

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1482161238428-pantone-espresso-maker-inline-amazon
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Whitbread Wilkinson via Amazon

The world of Pantone is extensive, even extending to coffee accessories like this stovetop coffee maker that'll make nine shots of espresso at once, all in fabulous technicolor.

Whitbread Wilkinson PA274 Pantone Coffee Maker in Emerald Green, $24.95,

For Your Brother Who Won't Throw Out His GameCube

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1482160877381-floppy-disk-coasters-inline-amazon
Credit: Photo Courtesy PHT via Amazon

These silicone coasters look so much like real floppy disks that they have the phrase, "I am a silicone coaster" written on them in six different languages—Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese—so that no one will accidentally put them in their Windows desktop computer from 1996.

PHT Retro Floppy Disk Silicone Drink Coaster in 6 Language, $15.99 for 6,

For Your Roommate Whose Sourdough Always Goes Moldy

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1482162127826-surpahs-bamboo-fiber-bread-storage-box-inline-amazon
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Surpahs via Amazon

If you're sick of seeing moldy bread in your pantry, you can give your roommate the gift of a breadbox. This one is eco-friendly, since it's made with bamboo fiber, and the wooden cover, which is also made of bamboo, serves a second purpose as a fancy cutting board.

Surpahs Bamboo Fiber Bread Storage Box, $23.68,

For Your Kawaii Cousin

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1482161776024-hello-kitty-coffeemaker-inline-amazon
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Hello Kitty via Amazon

This coffeemaker is just too, too cute. Like, I don't really have anything else to say about it, other than the fact that it's adorable AF and costs less than $30, so you should probably just give one of these to every single person on your list—or, at the very least, your cousin who's super into anime.

Hello Kitty Coffee Maker, $29.99,

For Your Hard-Partying Best Friend

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1482161477923-the-hungover-cookbook-inline-amazon
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Give your best friend the tools to conquer their hangover with this book. It's the least you can do, especially since you probably helped them acquire that hangover in the first place when you bought that last round of shots before the bar closed up for the night.

The Hungover Cookbook by Milton Crawford, $8.92,

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder