An absolute unit of a creme-filled cookie

Credit: Adit Project / EyeEm/Getty Images

The Oreo is one of the most iconic and dunkable cookies on the market today. We’ve been known to deep-fry them, double stuff them, and even try out some of the off-putting creme filling flavors that range from creamsicle to candy corn. But only now does it sound like we’re on the verge of seeing the Oreo carried to its logical conclusion.

That’s because food blogger The JunkFoodAisle (who has a knack for breaking all sorts of news about decadent foods) shared an Instagram post suggesting that “Most Stuf Oreos” will soon become a reality. The caption for the post says that the image is a “actual product photo”, suggesting that this is in fact a real thing and not a fever dream.

With that in mind, let’s embark on a speculative journey. If past precedent is any indication, it looks like the cream thickness on each cookie is about as thick (or maybe a little thicker) than the Mega Stuf (without the second F I keep wanting to pronounce it “stoof”) Oreo, which for all intents and purposes is basically a triple-stuffed Oreo. That’s also the baseline that a Most Stuf Oreo would have to exceed.

If it’s to clear that hurdle, it’s possible that the new creation will be two Most Stuf oreos stacked on top of each other, with a double layer of chocolate cookies in between. If that’s true, the Most Stuf Oreo is essentially a sextuple-stuffed, double-cookied monstrosity that’s less of a snack and more like a whole damn (woefully unhealthy) meal.

So far Oreo has played it coy, but more details about what exactly the Most Stuf Oreo is— not to mention its nutrition facts. In the meantime, you can munch on some Oreo halloween candy to tide you over. Or just go ahead and combine a bunch of Mega Stuff Oreos until you’ve innovated your way to your very own Most Stuf Oreo.