"2400 calories, 12 doughnuts, 5 miles, 1 hour"

By Rebecca Firkser
Updated February 13, 2018
krispy kreme challenge
Credit: Photo by MCT / Contributor via Getty Images

This February, 7000 brave sportspeople will compete in a grueling athletic competition. No, not the Olympics; it’s the Krispy Kreme Challenge in North Carolina. A 5-mile race through downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, the Krispy Kreme Challenge dares runners to eat a dozen doughnuts while running the entire race, all in an hour or less.

Underpinned by the mantra "2400 calories, 12 doughnuts, 5 miles, 1 hour," the Krispy Kreme Challenge is a charity organized by students at North Carolina State University. According to the charity’s website, the idea started as a fun challenge among a group of 10 friends that quickly escalated to a nationally publicized event. The challenge, which "epitomizes the test of physical fitness and gastrointestinal fortitude," will run for its 14th year this February.

The run begins on the North Carolina State University campus, where participants will run 2.5 miles through Raleigh until they reach a Krispy Kreme locations. Runners are then tasked with attempting to eat 12 original glazed doughnuts. But that’s not even the worst of it: runners then must finish the second half of the race–another 2.5 miles.

Eating 12 doughnuts in an hour may not make your stomach feel very good, but it is all for a good cause: All proceeds from the race go to the North Carolina Children’s hospital. For the past 13 years that the race has been held, the Krispy Kreme Challenge has raised $1.35 million.

If you dare, registration for the event is open until February 3. Of course, if the idea of 12 doughnuts is just too much to bear, you can still participate in the event, and take home whatever doughnuts you don’t finish.