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You can eat them like apples

Sammy Nickalls
August 30, 2017

Kiwis may be delicious and one of the best parts of a fruit salad (cantaloupe and honeydew, get out of here), but they just seem like so much effort for such brief payoff. Skinning a kiwi’s fuzzy skin off takes forever, and it’s not like it’s a pineapple that will feed a family—the fruit itself isn’t all that big. That’s exactly why my laziness led me to grab a kiwi from the fridge, eye it up, wash it off, and bite into it like an apple. The skin can’t be that bad, right? Turns out, it’s not, and it adds a little bit of extra tang in a third of the time. 

When I tweeted about my newfound realization, Team Zespri reached out to me about their SunGold kiwis, which have smooth skin. That’s right: no fuzz. Zespri sent me a couple of their SunGolds, which are yellow on the inside and allegedly have a "tropical-sweet taste" with their smooth skins--and I was instantly a fan.

Though Zespri sent a complimentary spoon to scoop out the fruit, I just ate the kiwis like an apple as per my previous discovery, and they were different than any kiwi I had ever tasted. First off, these didn’t have the traditional kiwi tang, but were, as marketed, “tropical-sweet.” Secondly, the skins were bizarrely smooth, no fuzzy bit to be found. 

Zespri also Zespri, which prides itself on its "comprehensive set of quality standards and procedures" in the growing process, also offers the traditional green kiwifruit, with fuzz, and I’m here to tell you: whether it has fuzz or not, you should be sinking your teeth into a kiwi without bothering to skin it. Haters gonna hate.

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