For now, the dishes are only in the UK

By Tim Nelson
Updated February 13, 2018
KFC is testing new dishes in the UK
Credit: Bloombergvia Getty Images

If the success of The Pengest Munch has taught us anything, it’s that the Brits take their chicken and chips very seriously. So when a big-time chain like KFC teases some new menu items involving everything from avocados to craft beer, it’s bound to draw some attention.

The US-based fast food company teased a wide range of new offerings via its UK social media channels this week. A team of food innovators at “KFC Cluck Quarters” whipped up some dishes that seem more fit for a trendy southern restaurant than a fast food menu, including some that might even be suitable for breakfast. "We're always looking at emerging food trends to help us develop exciting new menu items,” said Jack Hinchliffe, innovation director at KFC UK & Ireland, "we encourage our chefs to be creative in the kitchen—this is where the real magic takes place and showstoppers are born."

Some of those showstoppers are novel concepts like “Punk Chicken” (Original Recipe chicken marinated in Brewdog Punk IPA) and snackable Chicken Skins. Theres also the “Shoreditch Shofaffle,", which slaps fried chicken, bacon and cheese between two syrupy waffles. Think of it as a breakfast-themed spin on KFC’s infamous Double Down.

Most interestingly, avocado plays an unlikely role in multiple creations. Perhaps the biggest deviation from traditional fare is the proposed “Protein Box” that covers crispy chicken with a fried egg and some sliced avocado. The trendy stone fruit also makes a surprise appearance atop the new Loaded Fries as well. The intrusion of something green and allegedly healthy has been met with consternation by some KFC fans. “Don't start all this health kick b*******, stick to what you're good at will you," said one Instagram commenter who refused to mince words.

For better or worse, KFC is still at the R&D phase when it comes to most of these menu items. They’ll surely undergo some careful tweaking before they wind up on KFC’s carryout menu, and it’s unclear if they’ll ever make it across the pond. In the meantime, you can check out the full slate of new foods over on their Instagram.