“Fried Chicken Home Type” lets you chow down without getting weird looks
Credit: photo by David Silverman via Getty Images

Everyone who’s taken the subway before has experienced it: that uncomfortable moment when you smell (and see) a fellow straphanger chowing down with abandon, blissfully unaware of their olfactory assault on everyone else in the car. But for those of us who secretly dream of eating fried chicken on public transit without shame or self-consciousness, some of Japan’s most devious culinary minds have come up with a possible solution.

For a limited time only, KFC Japan—the same twisted geniuses behind fried chicken bath bombs—is selling “Fried Chicken Home Type,” an ultra-rare variety that the retails for ¥500 (or about $4.42). Available exclusively at a temporary pop-up inside Tokyo’s sprawling Shinjuku station, the specialty dish is billed as a smell-free take on the chicken chain’s classic offering.

The two-piece meal allegedly uses a special cooking method that traps in its usual herbacious and spicy qualities without offending (or enticing) the noses of your fellow commuters. Sora News 24 reports that the chicken becomes a feast for the nostril once you put it in a microwave, however. Whether that means they’re just selling you cold fried chicken is anyone’s guess.

Given Japan’s love of chicken (especially from KFC) as a christmastime meal, not to mention their cultural obsession with proper public transit etiquette, the promotion feels like a perfect pairing. So if you find yourself passing through Tokyo between now and the new year, go on and treat yourself to the subway-safest fried food you’ll ever enjoy. You’ve earned it.