Only in Japan, of course
EC: KFC Is Unleashing a Fried Chicken Bath Bomb
Credit: Chicken photo courtesy KFC; bath bomb photo courtesy Claire Knights via flickr

Have you ever sat down in a warm tub for a relaxing bubble bath only to think “this is great, but I wish everything smelled like fast food fried chicken right now?" If so, you’re (maybe) in luck!

From the same marketing minds that once inflected edible nail polish upon the world, KFC is back with a new limited edition bath bomb that will transform the olfactory profile of your tub into a bucket of herbaceous and spicy fried chicken. It’s the best way to unwind while working up an appetite at the same time.

But before you run down to your local KFC and start haranguing its employees until they give you your special bathroom product, there are a few caveats to keep in mind. The bath bombs are only available in Japan, and they’re slated to be super-limited at that. Produced in partnership with appropriately quirky Tokyo-based general store Village Vanguard (the same geniuses who unleashed ramen bath bombs on the world), KFC is only giving away 100 per day between now and November 22nd.

To win, you’ll have to 1. understand Japanese and 2. retweet that day’s version of the contest tweet you see above and 3. beat out other would-be chicken-bathers in an ultra competitive raffle. Winners will also get a coupon for a “secret combination pack” of KFC foodstuffs, which you definitely should eat while in the tub to make bath time reach new and unprecedented heights of brand synergy. No word on when we’ll get to try toothpaste that tastes like their mashed potatoes.