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Slice of Sauce wants you to stop using old fashioned ketchup and join the sliced condiment revolution

Ryan Grim
March 21, 2018


Voiceover: Are you tired of squirting ketchup all over yourself like an idiot? Have you ruined shirt after shirt with disgusting indelible ketchup stains?

Exasperated, ketchup-covered man: There has to be a better way!

Voiceover: You need Slice of Sauce. It's sliced ketchup that's clean, safe, and not weird at all.

That's basically the entire idea behind Slice of Sauce, a new product currently asking for your money on Kickstarter. It’s ketchup that’s been made into a gel and then sliced thin, taking on the consistency of a Fruit Roll-Up. Each package of Slice of Sauce comes with eight ketchup slices, so that's enough for eight burgers, or I guess four burgers if they’re for people who are used to slathering ketchup everywhere and need that extra ketchup slice. Mmm, pass the ketchup slices! Now that you know about Slice of Sauce, don’t you just want to roll up a French fry in a big slice of ketchup and chow down, and then pick all that gummy ketchup out of your teeth?

The condiment imagineers behind the slices, Emily Williams and Thac Lecong, explain the concept in this video. I'll admit that it does have a wholesome backstory: Williams’s dad owned a restaurant in Michigan and was known for his sauces, so, in a way, she’s following in his footsteps.


As the Kickstarter tells us, “Slice of Sauce™ needs no refrigeration, so it’s great for lunchboxes, picnics, barbeques, hiking and camping, lunches at your desk or eating on the go.” Can you imagine starting a new job somewhere, and on your first day you make yourself a sandwich at your desk and layer on a big slice of ketchup. And your new coworkers are like, "Hey new guy, what’s that on your sandwich, a Fruit Roll-Up?" And you have to tell them that you prefer sliced ketchup to regular ketchup, and that's your first impression right there.

Not all of the $15k they’re asking for will go toward bleeding edge ketchup-slice technology. As Lecong says in the video, “A cool product needs cool packaging, and that gets expensive.” I can’t wait for summer when Slice of Sauce reaches their fundraising goal and starts their sliced condiment revolution. Who cares about the song of the summer. I'm interested in the slice of the summer, and this summer, it's definitely Slice of Sauce.

Update: As Munchies reports, it's very similar to LA chef Ernesto Uchimura's Ketchup Leather from 2014.


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