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It’s meant to make sandwiches less messy

Sammy Nickalls
February 07, 2018

We've all taken a big bite of a juicy, sloppy burger and got ketchup all over the place. That's why we all know just how sticky and messy ketchup can be, even in all its deliciousness. However, if you're a true ketchup-lover, you're not gonna give it up, and that's exactly why one restaurant has developed something called "ketchup leather." Arguably, it could have a better (read: less-repulsive) name, but its concept is actually pretty brilliant, and it keeps the sandwiches at Plan Check in Los Angeles pretty darn neat. In an interview with The Manual, ketchup-leather creator and Plan Check's executive chef Sean Yontz explained that the condiment "brings new texture and taste" while preventing buns from getting soggy.

"Our ketchup leather consists of housemade ketchup, which we dehydrate in the oven at a low temperature and then slice into a square resembling a slice of American cheese," Yontz said. "...[It] melts once it's added to any burger right off the grill."

Yontz added that the dehydration element makes the taste of tomato "more concentrated and flavorful," though it took some "tweaking" to get right. And if you're not a huge fan of ketchup, the restaurant also has Sriracha leather to add to its pork belly benedict dish during weekend brunch.

"Our new and recurring guests are huge fans of ketchup leather," he said. "LA locals especially are always game to try out fresh and different experiences." 

Never thought we’d endorse something called “ketchup leather,” but honestly, sounds like a soon-to-be rampant food trend in the making... even if it’s not all too Instagram-friendly.

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