They're moving from Times Square to a larger downtown location

By Elizabeth King
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: Kellogg's Is Opening a New and Improved Cereal Cafe in New York
Credit: Photo by Maxine Builder

Just over a year after it opened, the fancy Kellogg cereal cafe in New York—with prices to match—will close on August 13. Business Insider reports that cereal giant Kellogg is closing its first restaurant, but don’t worry, it’s only because the company plans to change to a larger location. The location of the new restaurant and when it will open are currently being kept secret by Kellogg, but the company has teased what’s to come. Kellogg released a statement about its plans for the restaurant, saying it will be a “more immersive experience [with a] new kitchen to explore cereal in exciting, fresh ways.”

The Times Square cafe opened in late June last year, amid a wave of cereal restaurant openings around the country and around the world. Throughout 2016, cereal restaurants opened in the UK, South Korea, and the United States, including the Kellogg cafe. Plenty more cereal restaurants have opened up since, including a cereal bar in Los Angeles and a temporary Cinnamon Toast Crunch drive-thru in Arizona.

Speaking to the growing popularity of cereal in fine dining, Kellogg wrote in their statement, “We quickly learned that this food and experience combination was too big to be contained in a mere 1,600 square feet.” Adding, “So, we're moving to a new home in downtown NYC. Significantly larger than our current location, the new spot will be able to contain an explosion of cereal inspiration and fun.” If the current cafe menu is an indication of what’s to come, it sounds like the next restaurant will also be a success. Currently, the Kellogg cafe serves a broad variety of dishes inspired by the brands famous breakfast products, including Pop-Tart shakes, Eggo waffle sandwiches, and plain old bowls of cereal.

Though Kellogg clearly has some new things in mind for the next iteration of Kellogg’s NYC, we can rest assured that it will still be just as alluring and tasty as the original.