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EC: Keep This Emergency Hangover Relief Kit at Your Office
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Trying to deal with a nasty hangover can be difficult enough when you can spend all day lying in bed in your sweatpants while watching Netflix. But being hungover at work is a special kind of terrible, because chances are good that your normal hangover cures would be deemed indecent in an office setting. (I know mine would.) You also probably don't have all the supplies you need to cope with your hangover at work—unless, of course, you're smart enough to make yourself an emergency hangover relief kit that you can leave it in your desk drawer, just for times like this.

There's no good reason that your desk drawer can't be your own private apothecary, stocked with all the things you might possibly need to cure your hangover quickly at the office—or at least make it possible for you to sit through your 10 a.m. team meeting without puking.

So let present-you take care of future-hungover-you by making yourself an emergency hangover kit now. If you keep these four things in your desk drawers, you'll be better able to deal with people and things despite the booze leeching through your pores. And pro tip? Order all of these items online and have them shipped to the office. That way, they'll already be ready in your desk drawer for those mornings you can't even.

Water Vessel

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When you wake up with a hangover, the best first step is to drink a tall glass of water, or two, in order to rehydrate, since dehydration is what causes most hangover symptoms. And you should keep drinking water when you get to the office. Seriously. Don't stop drinking water. Stand by the water cooler for a little bit, if you can muster it, and bring along a water bottle so that you're never not hydrated. Just make sure it looks semi-professional so you can trick people into thinking you care about both professionalism and your health.

Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle in 32-Ounce, $39.95,


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This is kind of a no-brainer, right? Chug that water, and pop an aspirin to help that headache go away.

Genuine Bayer Aspirin (NSAID) Pain Reliever and Fever Reducer (500 Tablets), $13,

Peppermint Tea

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Caffeine will only further dehydrate your body, so even though you might want to pour yourself a giant mug of coffee from the office coffeemaker, don't. The acid will only make a queasy stomach feel worse, and you'll end up with an even worse headache. That's why you should have some peppermint tea on hand. It's known for soothing sour stomachs and helping with digestion, which is probably a much-needed remedy at the moment.

Traditional Medicinals Original Classic Peppermint Tea, $7.50,

Mushroom Coffee

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If you really, really can't stand the thought of giving up caffeine for a day—or you gave the herbal tea a shot and still feel like you need a jolt of something extra to keep you from crashing at your desk—consider replacing your regular drip coffee with mushroom coffee. It, admittedly, sounds disgusting. But instant coffee that's combined with dried mushroom powder, like cordyceps, makes for a less acidic brew that won't bother your stomach. The addition of mushroom will also prevent you from getting jittery or crashing later on in the day, which will really be necessary come 3 p.m. This coffee mix from Four Sigmatic comes in super convenient little pouches, so you don't have to worry about it going stale.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps & Chaga, $9.45,

Instant Pho

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Credit: Photo COurtesy of Mama via amazon

A bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich might sound like just the thing to make you feel like less of a monster as you stare at your computer screen, trying to understand what that email from your client means, but grease doesn't really help a hangover. You also might not have the stomach to eat a full meal. So consider stocking bowls of instant pho in your desk drawer. Seriously. The salt will help you rehydrate, as will the broth. Plus, it couldn't be easier to make, and that's crucial when everything is spinning and you still have to file that TPS report before the weekend.

Mama Pho Bo (Beef Noodle Soup), $24.45 for 6 bowls,

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