Best birthday breakfast ever
EC: Katy Perry Got a Bacon Birthday Cake
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"You guys are disgusting. You got me a bacon cake? You know me so well. I love you," Katy Perry exclaimed while holding her cellphone, posting the clip of her excitement to Instagram and Snapchat, presumably as she blew out the candles. Yes, Katy Perry got a bacon cake for her 32nd birthday, according to her Instagram and Snapchat accounts. She also got a fuzzy, plush vagina underneath a glass dome, tickets to see Kanye West in concert, and a vote for Hillary Clinton. But let's focus on Katy Perry's bacon birthday cake, shall we? Because that might be the best birthday gift for a true breakfast lover ever.

Katy Perry's bacon cake was not, as you might assume, a regular cake, with flour and butter and eggs and sugar and all that. It was not flavored to taste like bacon or shaped to look like a slice of bacon. This was a cake made out of actual bacon, served up with candles so that Perry could make a wish, like, "I wish I could go back to Burning Man," or "I wish I could perform with Dolly Parton again," or whatever else one of the best-selling musical artists of all-time with 13 Grammys wishes for herself on her birthday.

Though upon closer inspection of this bacon cake, it becomes clear that "cake" might not be the best terminology for this breakfast treat, since it's just a dozen bacon roses, served in a styrofoam tray with four lit candles.

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Credit: Photo via Instagram/Katy perry

But it's the thought that counts, you know? And bacon is still bacon, so even though Perry said that the best birthday gift to herself was voting for Hillary Clinton, we all know it was probably actually the bacon cake.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder