Guests enjoyed Kanye lattes and Kanye cookies

By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 11, 2018
Credit: Photo courtesy of @TeamKanyeDaily

Kanye West has never been shy about his love of Kanye West. On Saturday night, Kanye had a 41st birthday blowout at his Hidden Hills, California, mansion, and the food was not surprisingly all about Kanye.

According to photos posted on the TeamKanyeDaily Twitter account, West’s face played an extremely prominent role in both the food and beverage. A foam art printing machine was somewhere nearby because lattes were available that featured either a Kanye portrait or the letters “YE.” Additionally, you could also indulge in cookies cut and decorated to look like Kanye’s face—in a variety of expressions and hairstyles—because nothing shows respect for a birthday boy like biting into his forehead.

As far as a cake is concerned, though still very Kanye-focused, his face wasn’t involved. Instead, according to Page Six (a solid source for celebrity birthday cake news), it was intended to look like the Teton Range of the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming where Kanye has somewhat infamously been holing up for his recent burst albums, including his own Ye, which was released on June 1, just a week before his actual birthday. As an added flourish, the mountain cake featured “Happy Birthday Kanye” written in green frosting.

To be fair though, not all the catering was entirely Kanye-themed. The party also apparently featured Hennessey slushies. However, no offense to the idea of a Hennessey slushy, but the final product, which looked uncomfortably close to a frozen poo in a martini glass, might leave you more appetized for biting into a Kanye West face cookie.

According to Vanity Fair, the event also featured a mentalist performing amazing tricks like bending a spoon with his mind. How that’s supposed to impress Kanye West is beyond me: The man has pretty much manage to shape all of reality to his will. By comparison, a simple spoon is small potatoes.