It's like Cutthroat Kitchen but with actual security guards yelling at you

Justin Warner
February 07, 2018

The most challenging part of my day is usually during my nightly video-game chill sesh. Whether it's a Hanzo main sniping my style or getting blue-shelled in a river of maple syrup, there's always a challenge. I'm not the kind of gamer who tackles challenges head on. I like to settle challenges with flair. That Hanzo main? I'll creep up and one-shot him as Hanzo myself. Didn't see that one coming through dragon's eye, didja? That blue sheller? I'll sit on the finish line in first place and wait for him to get his hopes up and then cross at the last second. Ha, ha Walluigi!

Knowing this, you will understand why I chose to do the 3-in-1 Challenge with a breakfast banh mi cooked in a photo booth in Industry City, Brooklyn. Sure, I could make a decent 3-in-1 breakfast treat like any other Hanzo-maining chef, but could I make a dish that requires me to prepare many components? Could I do this in adverse conditions, or would the cramped environment blue-shell my breakfast bubble?

photo by alex tepper

The proof is in the pâté.

If you ask me, it's a flawless victory!

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