Hopefully no raptors, though

By Tim Nelson
Updated July 09, 2018
Credit: Universal Studios

At its essence, the "Jurassic" franchise is all about man’s quest to create an attraction beyond his wildest dreams, only for this attempt at playing god go horribly wrong. While we (thankfully) don’t have the technology to resurrect dinosaurs and put them on a remote island, one Japanese pop-up restaurant has found the way to incorporate them into the dining experience.

That’s because two locations of Tokyo-based Guest Cafe & Diner have transformed into a dedicated "Jurassic World Cafe" just in time for the worldwide release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom on July 13th. Guests can enjoy a full complement of entrees, drinks, and desserts celebrating the movie that stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeff Goldblum, and a lot of CGI.

While there’s no dinosaur on the menu (because that’s not a thing, you weirdo), much of the plating and presentation takes its inspiration from the film’s environs and plot points. The Jurassic World Burger fits bacon and mushrooms between black buns, served on what looks like an onyx slab that’s been clawed by a velociraptor. If you’re after something spicier, the Volcano Curry erupts with molten flavor. Meanwhile, the ‘Powerful wildpate’ leaves behind dinosaur tracks, leaving eaters with the impression that one passed by their chicken and sausage but simply decided to move on.

The dessert options are just as thematically impressive. The Fossil Excavation Cake will satisfy both your sweet tooth and dreams of becoming an archaeologist. The Geologic Parfait is a sort of edible terrarium topped by a brontosaurus and a raptor, leaving one to ponder what sort of hierarchy may have existed amongst these ancient reptiles. That’s not to mention the dinosaur cake, which will satisfy your desire of eating something shaped like a T-Rex’s head.

Even the drink menu ties into the theme. Beyond the dinosaur-inspired latte art, there’s a “fossil” smoothie and a soda with some sort of megalodon-like creature coming out of it. Truly, this place leaves no stone unturned when it comes to dinosaur-dining integration.

The Guest Cafe & Diner will keep its two Tokyo pop-up locations open through August 6th. From there, it’ll take up residence in Osaka for a further seven weeks. So if you’re a fan of Jurassic World or goofy restaurant pop up concepts who happens to be traveling to the far east this summer, don’t miss out.