You might know Jungle Juice by one of its many other colorful aliases—Trashcan Punch, Hairy Buffalo, Hunch Punch—but you understand the gist. It's usually made in large batches in either a cooler or a (hopefully clean) trash can, involves the cheapest available booze, and is most commonly found at college parties. It's basically a method to get a large crowd of people quite drunk very quickly, one that might not hold as much of an appeal once you don't go for the sugariest or cheapest drink on the menu. Indeed the very smell of Everclear mixed with fruit-punchy Kool-Aid powder might send you right back to your freshman year. But here is something you may not have considered: Jungle Juice makes a greatmimosa.Our recipe here is an amalgam of our pieced-together college memories, but this would probably work with any kind of frat elixir that you could come up with. We opted for a mix of peach schnapps, Everclear, Budweiser, and both Tang (because breakfast) and Kool-Aid mix, plus a smattering of fresh cut fruit, soaked overnight in true college dirtbag style. Then you take your Solo cup, or stemware, or mason jar, or coffee mug, fill it about a third full of Jungle Juice and top with cheap sparkling wine so it's suddenly transmogrified into a semi-respectable brunch beverage. As our associate editor Maxine put it, "I'm mad at how much I like this." It's way better than it deserves to be, but beware: it's also pretty lethal. You can always dilute it somewhat by actually making Kool-aid rather than adding the mix directly to the alcohol. But where's the fun in that?Jungle Juice Mimosa

Recipe by Extra Crispy


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Recipe Summary

Enough to cause regret, joy, and shame amongst your immediate peer group


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Instructions Checklist
  • Mix together the Everclear, schnapps, 1 can Budweiser, and 1/4 cup each Kool-Aid and Tang powders. Stir thoroughly, making sure that the drink mixes are thoroughly dissolved, the fruit is coated and that you are spiritually onboard with your impending fate.

  • Add fruit and allow to soak for several hours, ideally overnight. There's still time to abandon mission and/or get your affairs in order.

  • Add more beer, schnapps, or Everclear to taste. Pour into drinking vessel, making sure to include some of the alcohol-soaked fruit. Top with sparkling wine. Accept your fate.