All treat, no tricks
EC: Japanese Purple Pancakes Are Halloween's Must-Have Dish
Credit: Courtesy Othree/Flickr

The best holiday for ludicrous food gimmicks is definitely Halloween (with St. Patrick's day in close second if for no other reason but green beer). People are free to throw fake blood, prosthetic fingers, edible eyeballs, and all sorts of zany, typically off-putting items right in your favorite snack. But this year's best halloween breakfast comes to us by way of the Japanese cafe Eggs 'n Things' purple pancakes, which are a deep purple stack surrounded by a sea of blood. And by blood, we mean raspberry sauce that looks just like blood. Because bloody pancakes wouldn't taste very good.

The Eggs 'n Things purple pancakes are festooned with fresh mango slices and raspberries after being doused in purple sweet potato paste, which is what gives this stack its signature hue. The pancakes rest on a bed of red raspberry sauce that gives off the impression of a blood-soaked plate. Sorta like the Phlegethon from Dante's The Inferno—which is a river of boiling blood for those of you who didn't take English classes at a Catholic liberal arts college. This stack of purple pancakes is just like that, if by boiling river of blood you mean warm pool of syrup.

Best of all, Eggs 'n Things' purple pancake stack comes with the additional option of a limited-time blue drink that includes a syringe filled with fake blood. The bright-blue lemonade changes colors when "injected" with the syringe's contents, creating a bloody concoction that goes perfectly with a pile of purple eggs and a total lack of concern about the potential side effects of food coloring. This big, bloody Halloween breakfast feast will set you back about 1,400 yen (roughly $13.95), which should leave you with plenty of cash to go have a more modest, refined plate of tamagoyaki omelets. Or, if you're feeling a little bit more bold, you can wash it all down with tamago gohan. Any risk posed by eating a raw egg pales in comparison to the amount of crazy stuff in a pile of purple hotcakes.