Perfect omelets, coming right up

EC: Japanese Cookware You Need for the Best Breakfast Ever 
Credit: Photo by Masahiro MAKINO via Getty Images

It should come as no surprise that Japan has its breakfast cookware game on lock. This is, after all, the land of polka dot omelets, ramen at any time of day, and coffee butter, not to mention coffee vending machines on every corner, and probably the strongest convenience store food game, aside from maybe Korea's. People in Japan manage to perfectly cook eggs in hot springs, slice tuna like glass, and then kill a hangover with a savory seafood pancake mess. Needless to say, Japanese cuisine combines precision and whimsy like no other cooking style, so we should really take a few pages from their (cook)books and stock our kitchens with the right gear.

There are the basics of course: you need chopsticks, a perfectly sized bowl for tomago gohan, and a teapot. But there's more! So, so much more. For example, did you know you could make waffles shaped like fish, complete with scales and gills? Now you do, and I bet you'd like to. Have you ever thought to yourself, man, I'd really like to make my own soy milk. You absolutely can. And you should. And it's easy! And after staring at those gorgeous, even omelets, did you suddenly find yourself with the desire for a square pan in which to make them? We've got you covered.

Read on for more ways to make your breakfast even better.

Here's a perfect single-serving teapot.

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Pinkies out. (That stainless steel strainer is nice, too.)

You'll probably want some homemade soy milk to splash into your tea.

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Drink the nut milk you deserve. And you do deserve it.

Or you could always have soy milk with your drip coffee.

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Sometimes you just need the stronger stuff. And this will even look nice on your counter.

Make sure you have your chopsticks ready.

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There's about to be a lot to eat. And five pairs means you can share! (If you want.)

To buy: Japanese Sakura Bamboo Chopsticks, $10.99 for five pairs, on Amazon

And don't forget the perfectly-sized bowls.

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They're good for cereal, too, if you'd rather not have raw egg first thing in the morning.

Here's your chance to make a perfect omelet.

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Credit: Photo via AMazon

Sooooo smooth.

Unless someone said fish waffles. Then you have to make those.

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They're called taiyaki and they're delicious, obviously.

To buy: Taiyaki Pan Fish Shape, $35.95, on Amazon.