It's called Manifest, and it's here to wrest the brand's reputation away from frat boys

Margaret Eby
May 23, 2018

When you think of the super-premium liquor market, you're probably thinking about whiskey or tequila, two spirits that have done exceptionally well in the past decade at the higher end of the price specturm. But what about liqueurs? Like, say, Jagermeister? If you wouldn't quite classify Jagermeister as a high-end spirit because of, oh I don't know, some unpleasant college memories, you're not alone. But the brand is here to change all that with the introduction of Manifest, the first super-premium extension of its line since it launched in 1935. 

Manifest, according to the press release, is an herbal liqueur that updates the traditional Jager recipe with 56 roots, herbs, and spices with more botanicals and another maceration. It's then aged in oak casks for more than a year. "Slightly sweet notes of anise and dried fruit give way to subtle spice and aromatic bitters, finishing in a marriage of vanilla and barrel oak," the release reads. It's also slightly more alcoholic than traditional Jagermeister, at 38% ABV. The brand is only releasing a limited amount of Manifest, available as of last week. It'll cost you about $59.99, a steep step up from a $20 bottle of Jager.

Jagermeister isn't the only spirits maker that has noticed the uptick in the premium spirits market. Earlier this spring, Bacardi rolled out three new high-end rums in an effort to nab some of the market share. Manifest is part of a similar strategy, in the hope that those fond of the spirit will spend a little more for higher quality. 


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