Did anyone else not know that Jaden Smith made bottled water?
EC: Jaden Smith's Company Is Suing a Vegan Mayonnaise Start-Up 
Credit: PHoto by Michael Tran via Getty Images

Remember that one time the internet went nuts over a photo of Jaden Smith holding a blue water bottle up to his ear like a phone? Apparently, that water bottle was one of his own creation. In 2012, Smith teamed up with record label executive Drew Fitzgerald to make Just Water, a bottled water company that claims to be better for the environment, since the bottle is made from paper and sugar cane. Now, Just Goods Inc.—Just Water's parent brand—is suing Hampton Creek, makers of the popular, vegan mayonnaise Just Mayo (among other "Just" products like cookie dough and salad dressing), over a trademark dispute.

On June 30th, Just Goods Inc. filed a claim that Hampton Creek violated an agreement between the two companies made in 2014. That agreement, signed by current Hampton Creek's chief executive officer Josh Tetrick, asserted that Hampton Creek would stick to a version of Just Mayo's logo that downplays the word "just," having it written in cursive, lowercase letters, unless it received permission from Just Goods Inc. to change it up. (Just Water's logo is written in all uppercase, block letters.) Just Mayo recently revamped its logo, making the "just" bigger and no longer cursive. It's still lowercase.

Hampton Creek has also recently changed it's website to eatjust.com and changed labeling on other products to noticeably feature the word "just."

This lawsuit comes on the heels of a rough year for Hampton Creek, wherein the company was accused of buying back products to bolster sales, facing inquiries from the government, and every member of the board, aside from the CEO, resigned at the same time.

Just Goods Inc. plans to expand their product line this year, introducing flavored beverages and snacks, which is perhaps just another reason to separate themselves from a company suffering from a long few months of scandals.