Someone really should have told him what ricotta is

EC: Jaden Smith Thinks a Hotel “Spiked” His Pancakes With Cheese
Credit: illustration by lauren kolm

Jaden Smith was not happy after a recent weekend breakfast at a Four Seasons Hotel in Canada. The actor posted a series of Tweets on Saturday morning (some more perplexing than others) about his stay at the Toronto hotel. The most curious of which relates to pancakes. In addition to claiming that the hotel kicked him out of his room, the actor, who is a vegan, posted that he was surprised to be alive after eating pancakes “spiked” with cheese. Of course, for those who follow special diets, accidentally eating food they’ve chosen to abstain from can be traumatic, but it appears possible that this whole incident could’ve been avoided had Smith known a bit more about dairy. According to the Four Seasons website, the hotel chain’s restaurant is famous for its lemon ricotta hotcakes.

While it has not been confirmed that the lemon ricotta hotcakes are in fact the breakfast that so repulsed Smith, it being one of the restaurant’s special dishes seems more likely than, say, grated cheddar over a stack of buttermilk pancakes. Considering that another Tweet from Smith says that the meal he received made him want to “throw up” on himself, and further that he hopes the hotel puts him on a “no stay list” in the future, it’s clear the star was pretty upset.

Smith, who has been photographed on several occasions carrying around a plastic gallon bottle of Poland Springs water, clearly cares deeply about what he puts in his body. If Smith finds that following a vegan diet helps him feel good, his commitment to the special diet is admirable. However, it seems strange that neither the actor nor his team would think to ask about the ingredients in the hotel’s pancakes. For a dish that’s typically made with milk, eggs, and butter, it’s pretty odd that Smith would order pancakes at all without first asking about the breakfast’s recipe.

I can’t blame Smith for being upset about finding something he considers so frightening in his pancakes, but I do hope he takes this incident as an opportunity to learn more about the ingredients in his breakfast foods.