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I now pronounce your kitchen fully stocked

Rebecca Firkser
April 26, 2018

For many people, spring means wedding season is fast approaching. You’re digging through the fancy section of your closet and pinching pennies to afford the travel expenses, and of course, panicking about what to get the happy couple for a gift. Or perhaps you’re prepping for your own wedding, and trying to figure out what the heck to register for. Do I need 6 wine glasses or 12? you say to yourself as you get dressed in the morning. Will someone really buy me a stand mixer? you mutter as you fall asleep.

Whether you’re giving or receiving wedding gifts this season, it’s best to think about what the couple already has, and what they’re likely to actually need. Some might already own all the kitchen basics, while others may still be sharing a plastic fork at mealtimes. Here’s what to put in your cart.

For the couple who have nothing except love for each other:

If the last time you shared a meal with these two, they couldn’t find a third plate and could barely scramble an egg, these items should all be on their gift table.

A set of dishes, bowls, and mugs. This simple 20-piece dinnerware set can also be purchased by the piece if you want to pick specific items. (Crate and Barrel, $154.95)

A good nonstick pan. All-Clad cookware is durable and trustworthy, and nonstick pans are great for folks who are easing into cooking. (All-Clad, $59.99 for a set of two pans)

Drinking glasses. Perhaps the couple is ready to stop drinking out of Mason jars and novelty beer mugs, and this set of 8 glasses is perfect for juice, cocktails, or water. (CB2, $17.95)

A waffle iron. Who doesn’t want waffles? With this 4-slice waffle iron, the couple won’t have to wait in line for brunch every weekend. (Krups, $59.99)

For the couple who are already incredible cooks:

A compost bin. This bamboo compost bin has an odor-blocking carbon filter and comes in striking yet muted colors, making it a perfect countertop addition. (Food52, $44)

A clay tagine. Not only will a tagine encourage shakshuka and stews, it looks stunning on a kitchen shelf. (Williams Sonoma, $79.95)

A wine glass set. The couple may already have wine glasses, but if they like to entertain (or just drink) a second set is always handy. (Anthropologie, $56)

For the couple who constantly travel:

Regular travelers don’t need—and probably don’t want—too much stuff, but putting together a basket of items they can use on the road will always be appreciated. Here are the types of things you could include:

A couple of cold brew to-go bottles, for on-the-go caffeinating. (Bloomingdales, $19.99)

Stackable spice jars pack—the couple can fill them up for use in a poorly-stocked Airbnb or hotel (Amazon, $15.49)

Reusable bottle protectors are ideal for making sure that bottle of Bordeaux or Tempranillo make it back in one piece and don’t ruin clothes. (Amazon, $17.95)

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