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Sure seems like it

Elizabeth King
February 07, 2018

McDonald’s might be a favorite among those who like to indulge in recreational cannabis, but is the famous fast food chain itself now weighing in on the marijuana legalization debate? Thanks to a new McDonald’s billboard that appears to joke about marijuana legalization, it kinda seems that way. The billboard in question is located in New Mexico, and advertises a McDonald’s, featuring a larger-than-life photo of a McDonald’s breakfast burrito. The billboard reads, “Usually, when you roll something this good, it’s illegal!” Get it? Because you also roll joints and they’re really good but they’re also against the law to possess?

Yeah, yeah, we get it McD’s. The tongue-in-cheek billboard caused a bit of a stir, which is to be expected given that the sign is located near the New Mexico/Colorado border. Weed has been legal for recreational use in Colorado since 2014, but states like New Mexico can’t say the same.

This past legislative session, a few different marijuana legalization bills were introduced in New Mexico’s state legislature, but to the frustration of legalization activists, none of the bills became a law. Then all the sudden a giant breakfast burrito joking about joints shows up as would-be legal weed smokers cross from their home state where marijuana is illegal, to Colorado. But if McDonald’s wants to capitalize on the munchies, more power to them. High people need to eat breakfast, too.

But McDonald’s is not the first to make a joke comparing burritos to joints. Chipotle, known for their giant burritos, has long used the exact same slogan to advertise their signature dish. In fact, they use this quip regularly on April 20. Time to come up with a new joke, folks!

No promises can be made about what will happen with recreational weed in New Mexico, but it seems guaranteed that regardless of the legal status, McDonald’s wants to feed you breakfast burritos when you’re stoned. Things could be worse!

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