The internet is upset about it
EC: Is Chocolate and Cheese Toast Brilliant or Disgusting?
Credit: photo via twitter user Houda

Listen, some out-of-the-box food combinations can actually be surprisingly tasty, and it feels like a beautiful discovery (if you’ve been experimenting with weed and food combos in the kitchen, that is). But others...well, not so much. For the internet’s latest debate, I’m firmly in the camp that chocolate and cheese toast is repulsive, but apparently, one woman on Twitter now swears by it. Twitter user Houda (@h_xxda) tweeted over the weekend about her "amazing choc and cheese invention which I'm eating as I tweet.” In essence, the recipe is what you'd expect: toast spread over with Nutella or another chocolate-like spread, sprinkled over with (what appears to be) mozzarella, and placed in the oven/toaster oven to melt the combination.

While some seemed to think the bizarre snack looked tasty, most were straight-up horrified. Twitter user Jack Young quote-tweeted Houda’s tweet to Police Scotland. It does, arguably, seem like an emergency.

Houda said her combination "bangs" with another Twitter user shooting back "bangs when it hits the bottom of the bin yes." Others said it's "time to unleash Gordon Ramsay" and others saying that Houda "probably [has] pineapple on pizza as well.” (Not gonna open that can of worms here.)

But OK, although chocolate and cheese toast may seem repulsive at first glance, let’s try looking at this from a new perspective. First of all, there’s fairy bread, which is literally just buttered white bread with sprinkles on it—something that I thought was a disgusting idea initially, but fell in love with when I was in Australia. Plus, both Nutella fries and deep-fried Nutella burgers exist, and both of those sound pretty damn good in their own way. So should we really be judging Houda here? Let’s let everyone eat their toast the way they want to.