The answer is no
EC: Is Avocado Toast Over? Hugh Jackman Weighs In on the Debate
Credit: 2016 Jason LaVeris via Getty Images

Avocado toast—long-hailed as the pinnacle of excellence in the realm of Instagrammable brunches—has enjoyed a longevity most food trends could only dream of having. But is its moment finally coming to an end? If you ask Hugh Jackman, the answer is no.

While many have been signaling the demise of the dish’s cool factor in recent months due to collective fatigue, the actor took to Instagram on Tuesday morning to debunk these rumors. “Whomever said that avocado toast is passé – hasn’t tried THIS version,” he captioned the photo, adding, “This has been my personal opinion service announcement! Good morning.”

The variation Jackman is boasting about does look solid, to be fair: nice thick-cut whole grain toast, a healthy amount of avocado that hasn’t been pureed into oblivion, slivered almonds, roasted tomatoes and pomegranate seeds—all crowned with a beautifully poached egg. Excessive? One could make the argument, but likely delicious regardless.

Indeed, this is not the first time the Logan star has shown that his breakfast game is on point, as exhibited by the rest of his Instagram feed.

He’s even lamented the idea of having a green smoothie for breakfast, an ever-relatable struggle.

Between this and his very firm grasp on the concept of cheat meals, we’re inclined to trust his expertise on the matter — and allow avocado toast to remain in our hearts (and social media feeds) indefinitely.