The trick is jicama
Credit: Photo by Extra Crispy Video

Not everyone is into hot fruit and I get that, but I swear I wouldn't try to pull anything over on you. I just want you to have something nice to eat. If it makes you happy, wait until it's cooled and just think of it as a pickled fruit salad with some spice to it. Doesn't that sound lovely? Since this isn't a long-processed pickle, it'll keep for about a week. You can always make more, and vary the kind of fruit you're using, depending on what's in season.

The jicama is the clutch move, though. It maintains its crunch through the process while being infused with the flavors from the fruit around it. Jalapenos, chile flakes, and fiery cinnamon sticks—in whatever quantity pleases you—pop against the fruit's natural sweetness and the tang of the brine. If you can't find it where you live, swap in water chestnuts, or consider moving.

Instant Pot Fruit Pickle


Lots of fruit, cut up—but not bananas because they just get gross
Fresh chiles, stemmed, seeded, and sliced
Chile flakes
Jicama, diced
2 parts champagne vinegar
2 parts sherry vinegar
1 part water
Salt and pepper to taste


Place fruit, fresh and flaked chiles, and jicama in Instant Pot, season with salt and pepper and taste.

Combine vinegars and water to make enough brine to cover the fruit halfway. Stir, and set Instant Pot at high pressure for 5 minutes. Release the pressure, stir, and strain the fruit into a lidded container, then pour in brine to cover. Free free to cool the remaining brine and sip it with seltzer over ice. So very refreshing!

The fruit will keep for about a week in the refrigerator. Deploy it in grain bowls, blend into smoothies, and spoon atop frozen yogurt.