Yeah, not that great, TBH
Credit: Photo by Extra Crispy Video

Hey, look—not everything on the internet is great. I know that's tough, but it's best you hear it in a safe space like this. Instant Pot can work miracles, but it can't take a pile of earthbound nuts and starch and loft it to the sky and make it taste like it's a thing that should be celebrated and emulated. Gluten-free baking is haaarrrrrd, and hampering it with a not-ideal cooking method is a whole lotta extra pressure that's extremely unnecessary, especially when ovens exist and can execute the whole thing in half the time, in an infinitely more palatable manner.

But that doesn't mean I learned nothing. For instance, coconut flour has a decent taste but pales in comparison to tapioca if you're looking for a fluffy rise. And the milk matters, too, especially for flavor. Banana milk tastes like actual bananas, and nut milk tastes like a lie. Do you want lies in your pancakes or do you want bananas? I don't presume to know your life. Taking the time to whip and fold the egg whites makes a palpable difference, as does using decent quality maple syrup as a sweetener. Lining the bottom of the Instant Pot with foil is also prudent when you're baking—or steaming this is, I guess. Maybe just use your oven.

tl;dr Instant Pot and I are pregnant.