They spent $10,000 to get the lighting just right for a perfect 'gram

By Margaret Eby
Updated June 04, 2018
Credit: Johner Images/Getty Images

Have you ever been out to a nice meal, but the lighting wasn't good enough for an Instagram post? One steakhouse in Boston has that all figured out for you. The new location of Boston Chops has a table specifically for social media influencers. Dubbed the "first and only Instagram table in the country," Boston Chops dropped $10,000 on the customized furniture that includes, according to Forbes, "movable arm lights, adjustable light intensities, and adjustable color temperature settings." In short, if you always wanted to eat inside a test kitchen optimized for photos, this is the place for you.

To ensure that the lighting was just right, Boston Chops' owners Chris Coombs and Brian Piccini met with social media influencers to preview the space. It's available by reservation by request. "Social media is a big part of the dining scene today and we didn’t have to think about it when we opened Boston Chops South End five years ago,” Coombs said in a press release. “Now, it is imperative that photos of restaurant interior and food are beautiful when they are posted online by influencers. It is a great marketing tool for people to see our food, decor and cocktails and hopefully entice them to check it out for themselves."

Have I ever put a picture of a dish up on Instagram? Oh yeah, guilty. But would I want to sit at an Instagram-angled table? That's not for me, anyway. But Boston Chops' choice does seem like the inveitable result of decor decisions that are aimed to look good on social media. Who knows where the Instagram table will strike next.