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Think beyond the sandwich

Rebecca Firkser
November 14, 2018

It felt like summer was going to last forever, but once again the sweaters have come out and Thanksgiving is looming. While the promise of a next-day turkey sandwich on brioche spread thick with Dijon and mayo is keeping me going, it’s safe to assume you'll want other things to make with your leftovers. Of course, I’m not worried about getting saddled with extra stuffing and pie (those leftovers never make it to day two). I’m concerned about the turkey breast I know won’t get eaten on the big day. Lean white meat tends to go dry quickly, and dry poultry can be sort of like solid wallpaper paste. Here are just a few ideas to keep that meat tender and tasty the next morning.

Sliced with Broth

Lay thick slices of turkey over a scoop of cooked grains (like farro, quinoa, or rice) tossed with rice vinegar, grated ginger, salt, sesame seeds, and crushed red pepper. Ladle warm chicken broth (or turkey broth, if you have it!) over the rice and turkey, and top with sliced scallions.

Creamy Turkey Salad

Shredded turkey breast takes on new life when shredded and tossed with mayo, shallots, celery, and salt. Slather the salad on a piece of toast and top with avocado and freshly ground black pepper.

Put It in Congee

Congee is a warm soupy breakfast that will make you forget all about cranberry sauce and stuffing. Plus, you can also get rid of that picked-to-death turkey carcass by way of the a deeply seasoned stock base.

Get Saucy

One of my favorite ways to revive turkey breast is to pick a sauce or dressing I’m craving and drizzle it over shredded turkey and a pile of greens and something extra for pizzaz. Here are some ideas: ranch, romaine lettuce, toasted almonds; tahini-lemon sauce, kale, fried chickpeas; red wine vinaigrette, frisee, bacon bits.

When in Doubt, Just Think Chicken

Spoiler alert: turkey breast is nearly identical to chicken breast, so if you’re really struggling, just swap turkey into whatever chicken recipe you have on deck. Turkey and waffles? Turkey shawarma? Turkey biscuit? Turkey hash? You can’t go wrong.

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