More doughnuts should be full of ice cream

EC: Ice Cream Doughnuts Are the Summer Treat You Need In Your Life
Credit: Photo courtesy @mybsweet on Instagram

The doughnut has seen a lot of pretty magnificent transformations in recent years, and especially so far this summer. From the cronut a few years back, to the newer unicorn doughnuts, and doughnuts that have been in space, but now, the real game changer is here: ice cream doughnuts. This sweet of your dreams is not a scoop of ice cream in the shape of doughnuts, or an ice cream that flavored like doughnuts, but actual doughnuts filled with ice cream. Yum! The doughnuts are available at a small baker in Los Angeles called B Sweet, who debuted this perfect summer sugar rush in late June.

The company shared a photo of three very delicious looking ice cream filled doughnuts to Instagram in late June. In the post, B Sweet explains that the doughnuts are made by heat-sealing a scoop of ice cream into a doughnut. Called “Halos,” the doughnuts are customizable, meaning customers can choose which ice cream goes into the doughnut. Regardless of the flavor, the doughnut definitely gives an old fashioned waffle cone a run for its money in terms of edible ice cream containers.

Apart from awesome doughnut/ ice cream combinations, B Sweet is also known for a rotating weekly menu of bread pudding flavors. This week, LA residents can satisfy their sweet tooth with flavors such as banana chocolate, glazed doughnut, red velvet, and salted caramel.

B Sweet is not only a dessert bar, but initially started as a catering company (they still cater, too!). B Sweet also runs multiple dessert trucks in Los Angeles. The dessert bar is open late, until 11pm, perfect for dessert. Whether you keep your eyes peeled to spot the trucks in the wild, stop in for a snack, or call up for a catering order, B Sweet’s ice cream doughnuts will not disappoint.