It's called a "Cruff"
coffee and doughnuts ice cream sandwich video hero
Credit: Photo by Daniel Agee

It’s been four long years since Dominique Ansel’s cronut started the food-inside-a-food craze that shows no signs of slowing down. In New York’s competitive food scene, it’s almost impossible to rise above the fray without some kind of garish, headline-grabbing item on your menu. Though some might deride the trend as more tacky than tasty, one East Village ice cream shop with the gall to combine doughnuts and ice cream is leaning into it.

Dubbed the “Cruff,” a pastry-themed portmanteau of “cream” and “stuffed,” Stuffed Ice Cream’s crazy confection crams ice cream inside of a split open doughnut. Coming in colorful flavors like the “Matcha-Ma-Call-It” and “Unicorn Poop” with options for trendy toppings like cereal and mochi bits, the cruff is the kind of dessert that’s equally suited for Instagram ogling as actual eating.

Though Alan Yuang and Jackie Luu had no prior culinary experience when they hit on the idea to start Stuffed Ice Cream, but that didn’t stop them from following through on their dream. While Yuang admits that they first “Googled a recipe and tweaked it,” each of the ice cream flavors and doughnut is made in-house. Thanks to a “top secret” machine, the duo is able to keep the treat’s outer layer warm without creating a melty and messy ice cream filling.

While Stuffed only offers glazed and “plain” doughnuts for now, but who knows what the future holds. In a cutthroat world of doughnuts and desert, it’s only a matter of time before Stuffed starts to raise the stakes.