There's never a good way to break up with someone, but at least now there's an ice cream way

Credit: Nora's Non-Dairy

Ice cream and breakups go hand in hand. The image of a scorned lover finding solace at the bottom of a Ben & Jerry’s pint, sobbing on a couch in a room lit only by the glow of whatever’s streaming on Netflix is a well-worn trope. And though we tend to associate ice cream with post-heartbreak recovery, a new, limited-edition collection turns the tables by playing an active role in the breakup itself.

Vancouver-based Nora’s Non-Dairy has schemed up a series of ice cream pints specifically meant to both communicate the end of a relationship and provide the jilted lover some comfort in the immediate aftermath. On each pint of “Bye Bye Brownie,” “Strawberries and Your Mean,” and “It’s Just Vanilla,” the breaker-upper can fill in the names, and a blunt, bold statement on the front of the pint makes the message clear: it’s over. In the case of “Bye Bye Brownie”, there’s even a list of items one can check off to explain the breakup, including “you like Nickelback,” which, if anything, is an indictment of anyone who’d even begin a relationship with such a person in the first place.

The specialty ice cream seems like its tailor-made for our current hellish dating landscape. “With people dating and dumping so frequently, the pints serve a very important need—the need to break-it-off with someone without too much drama, time, or awkwardness,” Nora’s Non-Dairy wrote in an email to Munchies.

You probably wouldn’t want to leave a pint of this in the freezer for your live-in partner to discover after you’ve surreptitiously moved out while they’re at work. But in an age where dating apps and impersonal communication make ghosting less of the exception and more of the rule, “gifting” someone a breakup pint is (technically, at least) a sweet way to end things.