The best part of waking up is 25mg of THC in your cup
Credit: Photo by Settaphan via Getty Images

Gosh, what a weird week. I’m a diehard coffee fan and a way-less-than-diehard weed fan, so when I saw all these PR pitches pour into my inbox for weed-infused coffee, I was conflicted. On one hand, I love everything about coffee. On the other hand, weed makes me feel like a 30-year-old fetus. Regardless of my reservations, I knew that weed coffee had to be tested out for purely scientific-ish reasons. After a few weeks of collecting brands of coffee laced with varying combinations of THC and CBD, I spent a week giving each coffee a try. Here’s what happened. They're not ranked in any sort of order of quality because I was all hopped up and stoned and forgot.

1. BrewBudz

What I initially liked about BrewBudz was their mission to save the world by introducing their product within 100 percent compostable single-serve pods. Available in 10mg, 25mg, and 50mg doses, this THC-laced coffee is the real deal. I opted for a low-dose pod and couldn’t have waited more than 30 minutes before getting hit with a surprisingly mellow high. Coupled with the caffeine, it gave me more of an “intense buzz” than anything else, but didn’t leave me sleepy and paranoid like most kinds of weed.

2. FlowerPower Coffee, Buckeye Blend

FlowerPower makes a number of different products, including “Artisanal CBD-Infused Coffee" and edibles. It’s hard to decide whether coffee or weed is most important to these guys, but all I can say is, they’re doing it right. Their Buckeye Blend is a nutty and vaguely caramel-tasting blend that infuses 30mg of CBD into one little pouch. The coffee itself was a little too sweet for my taste, but the extremely calm feeling that followed was just perfect. I was sure the caffeine would have overtaken the CBD, but both worked in unison to give me a prolonged calmness that didn’t result is a light coma.

3. FlowerPower Coffee, The Guru’s Wake-up Call

Unlike the previous blend, FlowerPower infused CBD with a ground espresso for a more pronounced—but well-balanced—drinking experience. I definitely sensed more caffeine with this blend, giving me some insight on just how much caffeine is needed to offset the effects of CBD. Still, though, I liked what I tasted—dark, nutty, and a hint of citrus from the CBD. These guys make killer edibles, too.

4. Lord Jones, Pure CBD Dark Chocolate Espresso Chews

Lord Jones is one of my favorite weed-focused companies out there. Purveyors of THC and CBD-infused topicals and edibles, I couldn’t wait to tear into one of these bad boys. With 20mg of CBD in each chew, you definitely got more a mellow high than a caffeine kick. I recommend eating one of these at night and relaxing in front of a good movie. Again, it’s not a mind high, but a total body high that’s oh-so-pleasant.

5. Ganja Grindz

These guys take weed very seriously. With a product line including spiced ciders, coffee pods, tinctures, and even a weed-infused coffee filter, there is a lot to choose from with Ganja Grindz. I got my hands on their award winning Roastmaster's Blend Coffee made with a Colombian Supremo dominant triple blend beans. The craftsmanship and care in the roasting process absolutely comes through—as does their expertise in marijuana-infusion. This one knocked me flat on my ass. With some 25mg of cannabis concentrate to suck down with my coffee, the effects couldn’t have been mistaken for anything else. I was fuzzy, sleepy, giggly, but alert. Good job, guys.

6. Pot-O-Coffee

You can’t blame these guys from scooping up the deliciously punny name: Pot-O-Coffee. What I do blame them for is the wonderfully chill day I had sipping one of their unsweetened bottles of iced coffee. Made with “premium roasted arabica coffee beans enriched with the finest cannabis concentrate,” this stuff has about double as much CBD as some of the other brands on the list… which you’ll definitely feel. Maybe it’s because I drank this stuff during a particularly warm February day, but Pot-O-Coffee was easily the tastiest iced coffee I’d had in a long time. I ended up with a feeling that straddled the line between relaxed and distracted, but I’d happily drink another bottle on any day.

7. Therapy Tonics

With some products having as much as 120mg of THC per bottle, you have got to choose wisely when grabbing one of Therapy Tonics’ drinks. Along with coffee and tea, these guys also make some pretty interesting products like Mexican Mocha Cannabis Milk, Indian Spiced Chai Cannabis Latte, CBD pain cream, and even more tinctures. I got my hands on their Vanilla Caramel Cannabis Coffee with a whopping 80mg of THC per bottle. I found the actual drink to be delicious, but the THC to be a little overwhelming. What I ended up with was a combination that provided a little too much paranoid energy as opposed to the focused energy I had experienced with Ganja Grindz.