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Outfit your kitchen with all of the gear, delivered to your door

Maxine Builder
February 07, 2018
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When someone gives you an Amazon gift card for the holidays, it's a way of admitting that they had no idea what to get you. But there's no reason to get mad about it, because, in some ways, an Amazon gift card is kind of the best gift. That's because you can get basically anything your little heart desires from Amazon. You know exactly what to get you. Really, the biggest question at this point is what to buy with your Amazon gift card, and that is a good problem to have, my friend.

And what better way to spend the day after Christmas than by sitting on your couch or in your bed and scrolling through Amazon to find the best gift for yourself? The best present you can get yourself with an Amazon gift card is something that you know you want, or maybe even something you need, but couldn't really justify spending your own, hard-earned money on it.

Amazon is full of great gear that definitely fits both of those criteria, but if you're still stumped about what to get yourself with your Amazon gift card, here are nine gifts that you can buy now to treat yourself in the kitchen later.

Nice Olive Oil

Photo Courtesy Zoe via Amazon

Good olive oil can be hard to find, but using high-quality olive oil can also make all of the difference in a recipe. This one comes highly recommended from Extra Cripsy's assistant culture editor Kate Welsh, who describes the taste as, "grassy and bright and kind of fruity but also buttery? It’s definitely not sweet or overwhelming." But the best part might be that it's available on Amazon.

Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $15.99, 

Fish Pop Molds

Photo Courtesy Zoku via Amazon

You've got Amazon credit to burn, so why not spend it on ice pop molds that are shaped like fish and other undersea creatures? It's going to be summer again eventually, and you want to be ready with the cold treats. You can even make popsicles for breakfast.

Zoku Fish Pop Molds, $19.99,

Rocket Cocktail Shaker

Photo Courtsey Visol via Amazon

You could get a classic cocktail shaker for about $10 on Amazon, or you could splurge on this rocket-shaped cocktail shaker. It'll immediately dress up even the most boring of bar carts or countertops, and it'll definitely be a conversation starter.

Visol Rocket Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker with Stand, $24.99,

Magnetic Knife Strip

Photo Courtesy Zelancio via Amazon

A couple of years ago, my dad gifted me a chef's knife from Global for Christmas, which is a very nice, very practical gift, except for the fact I had nowhere to store it. This magnetic knife strip would've been a reasonable solution, and even if your dad didn't give you a knife for the holidays, this wooden magnetic knife strip is a pretty way to keep your blades sharp.

Zelancio 16" Premium Hardwood Maple Magnetic Knife Strip in Maple, $29.99,

Golden Bar Cart

Photo Courtesy Silverwood via Amazon

One of the beauties of Amazon is that you can get basically anything shipped straight to your front door, including fancy furniture‚ and this golden bar cart is definitely fancy. It's a stylish way to store all of your booze and alcohol accoutrements.

Silverwood Sinclair 2 Tier Serving Cart in Gold, $153.53,

Air-Tight Food Canisters

Photo Courtesy Oggi via Amazon

Get a jumpstart on organizing your life in 2017 by organizing your pantry. There's no need to label these clear, air-tight food containers because you can see exactly what's in them—and you won't have to worry about your dry goods getting stale.

Oggi 4-Piece Acrylic Canister Set with Airtight Lids and Acrylic Spoons, $24.83,

High-Tech Food Scale

Photo Courtesy Etekcity via Amazon

A digital scale is one of those kitchen gadgets that you , and since you're buying a gift for yourself, you might as well get one of the nicest digital scales on the market, according to Amazon reviews. This bad boy is the bestseller in "Mechanical Cook Scales," and it has a temperature sensor and alarm timer in addition to being a regular, old scale.

Etekcity Digital Multifunction Food Kitchen Scale with Removable Bowl, $15.59,

Enamel Tea Kettle

Photo Courtesy Le Creuset via Amazon

Sure, you could get a cheap aluminum tea kettle from the hardware store around the corner, but you've got an Amazon gift card burning a hole in your pocket. Might as well get this stylish enamel tea kettle from Le Creuset that you will be proud to leave sitting on your stove.

Le Creuset of America Enamel on Steel Demi Tea Kettle in Hibiscus, $69.95,

High-Powered Blender

Photo Courtesy Sharkninja via Amazon

If you had an exceptionally kind Secret Santa this year, you could spend your Amazon gift card on a Vitamix blender—but if you're working on a smaller budget, and still want a blender that'll crush ice like it's no problem, consider the Ninja Professional Blender. One reviewer on Amazon described it as "the Cadillac of blenders," and it's only a fraction of the price of a full-fledged Vitamix.Ninja Professional Blender (BL610), $69.99,

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