Shred it, don't spread it

By Extra Crispy Staff
Updated February 13, 2018
Credit: Video and Photo by Alex Tepper

Are you the type of human who tries to spread cold butter on toast? That never ends well, does it? Surprise: The next time you’re craving baked goods or bread and butter, there’s actually no need to soften your butter beforehand. Just pass a hard stick of cold butter along the large holes of a box grater and grate it like cheese. This will soften your butter fast. Grated butter softens almost instantly, making it ideal for baking biscuits and pie crusts, and for spreading on freshly toasted bread. With this butter hack, you’ll always have butter that’s as smooth as, well, butter.

This butter trick works so well that a butter-shredding machine now exists. But you might not have the money to buy that contraption, and frankly, you don’t need it. Grating butter is easy to do without any fancy equipment. Grab a small bowl and a grater with large holes. Measure and mark the exact amount of butter you’ll need to complete your recipe, or the perfect amount to spread on your toast. As you grate the butter over the bowl you might want to keep the stick in its packaging so your hands don’t get all dirty. Run hot water over your grater and the butter will melt away easily, allowing for quick cleanup.