Drink and paint and drink some more
EC: How to Paint with Red Wine
Credit: Screenshot via Hannah Hart/YouTube

If you're getting tired of just drinking your glass wine, it might be time to learn how to paint with wine. Yes, you can paint with wine, and though it might sound like some crazy Pinterest-inspired pipe dream (and some might even say that painting with wine is a waste of otherwise perfectly drinkable wine), it actually works. It makes sense, though. After all, wine stains your clothes—so why wouldn't wine also stain a canvas? And who better to demonstrate how to make fine art with fine wine than Hannah Hart, the YouTuber who's perhaps best known for her series "My Drunk Kitchen" in which she drinks and cooks and speaks in puns?

Hart collaborated with Sara Sandoval—who runs the YouTube channel Simply Sara Art, and has dabbled in the art of both wine and puns before with a wine painting of Amy Winehouse—to make this DIY wine art. Instead of just splattering wine like Jackson Pollack onto a canvas, the duo use paintbrushes and even the cork from one of the bottles of wine to paint merlot, rosé, and pinot noir onto a canvas in the shape of a wine glass.

The result is a layered art piece that's perfect for any wino—but maybe save this craft for when you're trying to finish off a box of wine.

Check out the full tutorial from Hart's YouTube channel, below.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder