After dinner is over, get into the good stuff

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Credit: PHoto by Alex Tepper

Thanksgiving is all about leftovers, and we’re crushing hard on stuffing waffles. The “stuffle,” a mashup of waffles and stuffing, will steal the hearts of those who stick to the edges of the stuffing dish. Pack your leftover stuffing into a buttered waffle iron and marvel at the crispiest stuffing ever. In just a matter of minutes, you’ll have a stack of savory waffles. The length cooking time for a stuffle depends on how hot your waffle iron gets. If your stuffing seems a little too dry, whisk eggs into the mixture—one egg for each cup of stuffing. This will help bind the stuffing waffle and keep it light.

Complete the meal by piling all the proper fixings on top of the waffle. Think mashed potatoes, shredded turkey, cranberry sauce, green beans, Brussels sprouts, and any other Thanksgiving leftovers you have in the fridge. No need for maple syrup here—the crispy, golden pockets are perfect for catching gravy. (But you could totally mix the two to make maple gravy). If you’re feeling extra fancy, a runny poached egg will push this breakfast over the edge.

Sure, you could make boring Thanksgiving breakfast sandwiches with rolls or bread from last night’s feast, OR you could revolutionize your morning by sandwiching leftovers between two stuffles. No matter which road you take, stuffing waffles will provide you with enough fuel to survive Black Friday.