Chef Daniel Eddy achieves the impossible 

Extra Crispy Staff
February 07, 2018

Pretend you have a 275-pound Mangalitsa pig. What do you do with it? Daniel Eddy, from New York City’s Rebelle, is often put to the challenge and enjoys making scrapple with the pig’s off-cuts. Eddy’s scrapple is seared and fried in a smoking hot pan until it’s crispy on all four sides. It’s served with creamy Brussels sprouts and bacon, because more pork never ever hurt nobody, and a deep-fried egg. Note: This is not a basic scrapple dish. To make his scrapple at home, you would have to dedicate three full days to cooking. The pork is braised in stock for six hours and then needs two more hours to reduce. The pork jus and the homemade scrapple each require one whole day to prepare. You can’t take shortcuts and you can’t just walk away from it. If you start preparing this breakfast on Friday, don’t expect to taste it before Monday morning. Take our advice: Leave the work to Eddy and other masters of the scrapple arts.

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